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The coolest pic of Kansas you’ll ever find

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This is an aerial photo of Kansas fields. The irrigation systems are teathered at a center point and water the fields in a circle, thus causing only circles within the land to get green. Another interesting note is that the corners are being used as conservation to protect wildlife. One corner isn’t much, but four together ends up being a pretty good chunk. Kind of makes me want to go to Kansas. Wait, nevermind, this is good enough.


Yes, please.

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Hey diver, pull my flipper

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Glass-winged butterfly…FTW

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Top 10 concerts of my life

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So last night I went and saw the Flaming Lips play FOR FREE at the Del Mar racetrack, which they do just about every year. While I appreciate the Flaming Lips, they’re not a band that I really knew or even listened to on purpose (which will be changing now). Nonetheless, the show blew my mind. It was fun, original, and energizing. The first 5 words that came to mind after immediately leaving the show were: galactic, fantasy, mind-blown, mess, rock. I could write an entire post about all the craziness that made it so awesome, but that’s not the purpose of this post.

I got to thinking that it was probably one of the top 10 concerts I had ever been to, even though they weren’t a favorite band of mine when I saw them. As I put the list together in my head, I realized that some of the best concerts I’d ever been to were bands that were nowhere near the top of my list, and yet still blew my mind, including Radiohead, Wilco, The Rolling Stones, Lagwagon, and Neil Young. Most of them are NOW favorite bands of mine, which is one of the things I love so much about music.

Anyway, as hard as it is to rank concerts, below is my best try at putting together my¬† list of top 10 concerts I’ve ever been to, in a semi-particular order.

Album Covers

– Radiohead @ Cricket Wireless

– Iron Maiden @ SD Sports Arena

– Wilco @ The Wilturn

– U2 @ Key Arena

– Alkaline Trio @ LV House of Blues

– The Rolling Stones @ MGM Grand

– The Flaming Lips @ Del Mar Race Track

– Lagwagon/NOFX @ The Glass House

– Offset @ Soma

– Neil Young @ Cox Arena

Honarable Mention: DRATS @ Chea Cafe, The Eagles @ Indian Wells Tennis Garden, Jimmy Eat World @ SD House of Blues, Pennywise @ Key Club, The Killers @ Coachella Festival

What are the best concerts you’ve ever been to?

She isn’t going to like this

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